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A few other Internet bulletin boards about living, retiring, traveling, and investment in Costa Rica, listed here listed for your convenience.

A listing here doesn't necessarily mean my endorsement other than as a probable reliable source of information about Costa Rica. A Google search will undoubtedly turn up even more listings.

Forums and Bulletin Boards
(arranged in alphabetical order)

Association of Residents of Costa Rica
For over 20 years, the ARCR has assisted those living in Costa Rica and those considering moving here. Help with residency and other important issues. More than 4,000 members and many helpful categories.

Costa Rica Central Valley Living Info
A Yahoo Group to share and exchange information about Cultural Activities and living in Valle Central or Central Valley in Costa Rica (San Jose and suburbs).

Costa Rican Forum
A new bulletin board.  It was started by a participant of my recently discontinued Costa Rica Bulletin Board.  Please note that John Howells is not associated with this forum, nor is he in any way responsible for the forum's content.

Costa Rica Living
Friendly, non-political and non-commercial list, open to all accepted members to exchange information about Costa Rica. A great way for expatriates to keep in touch by e-mail and socially, with frequent gatherings, dinners, luncheons, both scheduled and impromptu. Several thousand members.

Costa Rica On-line 
A forum at Costa Rica On-line, with about 750 members, all about Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Pages
General information about Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Young Expats
A forum devoted those under-40 people who are living or working in Costa Rica. Topics of discussion for this group include social activities (parties, movies, clubbing, trips, etc.) and issues of particular interest to younger people.

Gallo Pinto
You must apply for membership. Welcomes questions, stories, deeper level discussions on Costa Rica and most other subjects, as long as good taste is observed.

La Tigra
A relatively new forum

Mis Dos Colones
A very interesting and informative site hosted by a well-informed resident of Costa Rica.

Tamarindo Bulletin Board
Active bulletin board for expatriate community of Tamarindo Beach. Moderated. Business and accommodation information as well as exchange of opinions and mutual assistance.

The Costa Rica Forums
Long established forum, with more than 9500 registered members and numerous posts on Costa Rica.

The Escaz˙ News
A Yahoo Group and informative monthly news letter in Spanish and in English of the western area of San JosÚ, Costa Rica including Escaz˙, Santa Ana, Ciudad Colon, Rohrmoser and others.

 We Love Costa Rica
Another bulletin with general information about Costa Rica.

I thank all of the visitors to my Choose Costa Rica Bulletin Board over the past eleven years, with special appreciation to the many friends I have made because of the bulletin board.

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