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Excerpts from the book "TRAMP PRINTERS"
by John Howells and Marion Dearman

(Discovery Press, copyright 1996)
out of print, all rights reserved

A recent book discovery about
tramp printer history 

One of the things that prompted Dr. Dearman and John Howells to compile a history of Tramp Printers was the discovery of a book titled "Adventures of a Tramp Printer" by John Edward Hicks.  Published about 70 years ago, the book demanded our attention and admiration for the detailed descriptions of some facets of printing we had never heard of.  It is a highly readable book and full of delightful tales of tramp printers in the last of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.
Then, to our surprise, we discovered that the book hadn't gone out of print after all!  It is being published by Indian Creek Books (Kansas City, Mo.) and is still availble.  We highly recommend anyone interested in printing history to order this book.

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Table of Contents

Pages by John Howells and Marion Dearman, authors of "Tramp Printers"
Copyright and all rights reserved.

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